Johnson Collision at Wakefield is a Rip-off

Raleigh, North Carolina 3 comments
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I brought my Lexus in for driver side door damage. I picked it up with window not closing right and passenger side auto door lock not working at all.

These items worked perfectly when i dropped car off.

They told me that they would not fix the problem of the electronics on the door lock. they said they could not find anything wrong with the way the window closes.

In addition, I did a surprise status check one day and I looked in the car where they had the driver door parts laying (unprotected) on the leather seats, greasey window and door parts...SLOPPY WORK

They basically said that If we damage something, We cant help you.

So, WATCH OUT FOR Johnson Collision at Wakefield

Review about: Driver Side Door Damage.



:cry to the 2 reviewers.I'm sure your car didn't have scratches you ***.

You take car to shop. When you pick up - wow I now notice things that have been on my car for months. EW - those greasy shop guys who are meticulous and careful with all vehicles damaged it.

Video and photo your car.Otherwise shut your faces and get a life.

to Tom Edison, New Jersey, United States #775842

I am sure that the 2 reviewers did have scratches on them when they picked up their car which were not on them when they dropped it off. This response was totally ridiculous and probably from the employee or owner at the shop. People have a right to voice the issues of their experiences at this shop!!

Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, United States #213464

Yes i found thier work to be rather slow, slower than promised. And like your case, i found a couple of new scratches in my paint job unrelated to the work that they had done. This was also unprofessional in my opinion.

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